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Cranford X-Ray has been serving the veterinary market for over 30 years. We have through our long experience developed an insight into what this specialized market requires. Many veterinary practices have staff which have less training in radiography than those practices in medical radiology. Our expert instruction in utilizing the equipment that we sell and service can narrow this gap in training to maximize the diagnostic quality of any type of veterinary x-ray.

We sell a line of equipment from a basic x-ray machine and film processor to the newest CR (Computer Radiography) and DR (Direct Radiography) digital systems.   (See Innovet Imaging Made Easy for a simplified distinction between these two digital systems.)

Our Best Priced System - $16,800

    Innovet Classic Veterinary X-Ray Package

  1 - Innovet Classic Tilt-Out Generator

  1 - Integrated table with Grid Cabinet

  1 - Summit QCP Automatic Film Processor

  2 - New 14X17 Rare Earth Green Cassettes

  2 - New Rare Earth 10X12 Cassettes

  1 - New DarkRoom Safelight

  1 - Full Lead Apron

  1 - 14X17 View Box/Illuminator

 Delivered and installed price includes 1 day  training and  installation time, 5 years parts  warranty on Summit X-Ray  machine, and  personalized animal technique chart made for  this  machine. (applicable tax not included)

Innovet DXR Digital Radiographic System

Sells for $65,360 or leases for $1,353 per month with a 5 year payout.

Innovet DXR

The Innovet DXR system provides veterinary medicine the highest resolution digital radiographic images available in seconds, with the same long-term dependable performance that has become synonymous with the InnoVet name.



Innovet DVM Digital Veterinary Module

The integration of the CCD receptor into the InnoVet and other x-ray units utilizes Summit's 20 years of radiographic design experience. As the developers of the InnoVet family of systems, Summits's engineers skillfully designed modifications to new InnoVets and adaptors for older InnoVets and non-InnoVet units.

Innovet DVM Module
Turn your existing x-ray system into Direct Digital with an Innovet DVM module.

Quantum Digital Veterinary Systems

CR25.OL CR (Computerized Radiography)

Capable of scanning up to 73 plates per hour, the CR25.OL unit can scan three different resolution modes--Standard, High and Ultra-High resolution--for a wide range of exposures.

Q-Vet-DX DR (Direct Radiography)

The Quantum Q-VET-DX system produces high resolution images in seconds, without the need for any cassettes, while allowing extremely high patient throughput. The system comes complete with a four-way float top table, a multi-motion tubestand and Quantum's state-of-the-art TechVision touch screen interface.