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Cranford X-Ray has served the medical community in the Gulf Coast area of Texas since 1946. In 2002 we expanded to Austin and Dallas and in 2006 began serving the medical, veterinary, and chiropractic health care providers of San Antonio and the Rio Grande Valley.

We have a complete line of x-ray equipment, processors,and supplies to meet your needs. Our experienced and dependable staff provides unparalled service to our customers.

Thank you for visiting our site for information about our company and the products and services we provide. Please contact us by email or phone if we can help you provide quality service to your customers.

Digital Solutions - Cranford X-Ray Company can guide you into the digital age. It is often an anxious moment when a practitioner is contemplating "going digital". Digital Imaging is definitely the future, but truthfully it is a big investment and the buyer needs professional advice on the kinds of digital equipment that are most suitable. We offer honest and candid advice in this area.

In theory any conventional X-Ray system can be converted to digital by purchasing a CR Reader (Computed Radiology). Digital plates, similar to cassettes, are scanned by a reader and viewed on a computer workstation. These images can be archived or written to CD or DVD, depending on the type of CR Reader.

DR Digital Systems (Direct Radiology) have direct digital receptors built into the table and wallstand. The acquired digital image goes directly to the workstation for diagnosis and review. There is a considerable price jump from CR to DR digital imaging.  

Financing - There are many sources of lease/purchase financing. Marlin Leasing (Gena Chapman at 877 479-9111 ext. 5002) and M W Leasing (Michael Stulmaker at 972 680-1144 ext. 21) have done a good job for us in the past. Customers are free to compare rates with banks and other financial institutions for the best deals. We will work with any financing institution that meets your needs.

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