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Cranford X-Ray Company recommends the following conventional Summit systems for the needs of the Chiropractic professional.

Summit CFW Series

Summit is a recognized leader in reliable and economical chiropractic systems.

Silver CFW X-Ray System

Summit Silver

The Silver CFW System offers chiropractors conventional radiography at the best possible price.

The Nova 360 generator exceeds 60 Hz expectations by offering unique time stations and mA stations, optimizing imaging capability. The Silver CFW system provides reliable performance at an economical price.

Gold CFW X-Ray System

Summit Gold

The Gold CFW System delivers High Frequency power at an attractive price. Powered by a Synergy generator, the operator can quickly set x-ray technique factors with the Synergy's two-point operation.

The Synergy is a full 30 kW rated generator using 20 kHz technology. Complimented by a stylish tubestand and wallstand, the Gold CFW system is an outstanding value.