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Cranford X-Ray Company has been providing medical X-Ray solutions for over 40 years. Our experience permits us to tailor the type of equpment you need and not what a salesman prefers to sell. We utilize several manufacturers to accomodate a wide price range.

Our Orthopaedic or Family Practice Special

This bundle is the most affordable way to enter the world of digital imaging.

Sells for $68,500 or leases for $1,487 per month with a 5 year payout.

High Frequency Medical X-Ray with float top table.
Fuji XC-1 CR Digital System
Mini-PACS capable of archiving 25,000 images. Automatic archive backup and DVD burner. 2 megapixel monitor.


AMRAD is one of the recognized leading manufacturers of medical radiographic systems and components which integrate quality with cost effectiveness. Since price is a major factor in the migration to digital imaging, Amrad has engineered cost-effective and user-friendly solutions that allow every practice to step into the digital age with Direct Radiography.

DXR Dual Advantage

Utilizing two separate receptors to replicate traditional film-based workflow, the Dual Advantage OTS affords easy patient positioning and quality digital imaging at an affordable price.

Chest DXR

Capable of boosting daily throughput up to 3 times compared to CR or film, the Chest DXR system immediately adds value to any practice.

Quantum QV Family

Quantum Medical Imaging has designed Digital Universal Systems, world-class direct digital imaging systems for use in hospital emergency departments, traumatology and all general radiology applications.


Quantum's QV-800 Digital Universal system is an effective and efficient direct digital imaging system designed for hospital emergency departments, traumatology and all general radiography applications. It is an extremely easy-to-use system for technologists and provides unparalleled features which allow patients to be imaged in any position.


This new system opens up a new world of x-ray system solutions for technologists, due to the complete automated positioning features and pre-programmed exam positions. The patient exam is selected from either the modality worklist or directly by the technologist via remote control. The “QV-9000” will then automatically move itself into the proper position required to complete the examination.